How to gain clarity, energy and well-being for the year ahead

When the Christmas break is over, and the new year arrives, I always feel slightly lost.

Nostalgia for loved ones assails me, memories warm my heart but keep me a step behind my desk.

I feel like getting back to work but I struggle to pick up the threads. I realise that I need clarity, energy and to maintain the well-being that the holiday has brought. I thought maybe you do too, so here’s what I’ll be doing over the next few hours.

1) D E C L U T E R I N G

First of all, I’m going to put my (diffuse) workspace in order.

I will throw away everything that is no longer needed and proceed to a thorough digital decluttering.

During this phase, I will keep three sheets of paper next to me to write on (sheets of paper, not files).

I already know that while I am tidying and eliminating, reminders will emerge about tasks that need to be completed, or that have become urgent: I will mark them on the first sheet.

I usually do this work in silence or while listening to music, and always, at some point, deeper thoughts, desires, new ideas emerge in my mind.

The second sheet of paper is there, ready to receive them, often in the form of scribbles, drawings and puppets.

At the same time, the faces of people to whom I would still like to give attention or set aside time, friends to hear from, clients to contact again, someone waiting for an answer from me, appear.

And so, on the third sheet, a nice list of emails to write and phone calls to make, or meetings to arrange takes shape.

At this point, usually at least a couple of hours have passed, and whatever time it is, it has become time for a good coffee.

I sit down, devote an hour to urgent tasks and plan the others for the next day and the following days.

Then I take a break, then choose from the sheet of new ideas or important topics the first one I want to devote an hour to.

This is the process that brings me clarity after each work break.

In fact, at this point, the need for additional energy still remains to be satisfied.

2) E N E R G I Z E B Y I N S P I R A T I O N

Think about it: where does energy come from? From food, right? Food for the soul and the body.

No, I am not going to tell you to drink lots of water with lemon, eat fruit and vegetables and do sport, that is the A,B,C of energy and I take it for granted (although…).

The nourishment for the soul that I seek is inspiration. To find it, I read and ask myself a few questions, for example:

What do I want to happen between now and next December? What can I do right now to make this happen?

What good have I received in the past year? How can I give it back?

Here, this starts my “muscular awakening” of mind and heart, and the work begins again.

3) H Y GG E

When evening falls and I think: ‘I wish it was still Christmas Eve’, I listen to my desire for rest, human warmth, friendship and well-being, and I recognise it.

In Copenhagen, I discovered Hygge, a strong inclination to take care of one’s own well-being, surrounding oneself with domestic beauty, affection, pleasant feelings.

The cold January evenings are crying out for candles, hot baths, pastries and a glass of wine in good company. So I bake biscuits. A friend has had lipstick kisses deposited on top of his shaving mirror to prepare for the New Year’s wake-up call. This too is Hyggelig….

I wish you a new year full of wonder and firm in awareness.

About Rossella
Rossella’s mission — as an ICF PCC Corporate Coach — is to help individuals and teams make an impact in their environment and always reach their full potential.

People who work with her describe her as empathetic, reliable, pragmatic and results-oriented, with a unique ability to connect even in a short time to the problems and desires of her interlocutor, bringing out different points of view and opportunities for intervention.

Besides Italy, Rossella has worked in very different cultural contexts: South Africa, Russia, India, Australia, and often with multidisciplinary teams spread over several continents.

After graduating in Business Communication at La Sapienza University, she obtained a Master in HR management at Ernst & Young Business School.

Please get in touch dropping some lines to (My international website is coming soon)




Executive coach, Team Facilitator, Speaker. “Become the best version of yourself you can dream of. Help other to succeed.”

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Rossella Fava

Rossella Fava

Executive coach, Team Facilitator, Speaker. “Become the best version of yourself you can dream of. Help other to succeed.”

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